Mrs. Irene Nickelson
Mrs. Irene Nickelson

Irene Nickelson was the daughter of the late James Robert Rivers who started the first black school in (Rivertown) Yale, Virginia in the 1800's. The school was located in a one room vacant house. There were seven grades and the students learned to read and write. All 13 of Isaac's children and some of his grandchildren attended the school. 

   The Irene Nickelson Scholarship was established in 2002 because education is the primary foundation of the Rivers' Family. Education gives you the skills and knowledge to be a contributing citizen. It is the building block and foundation to becoming a complete person and it is a part of life that no one can ever take away from you. 
   In the words of Richard W. Riley, Secretary of Education:

"For it is in the nation's schools that the country's future is conceived, created, and secured.  It is in the schools that the country will obtain the greatest returns on its investments."  

The Rivers Family Scholarship Committee reviews applications, establishes policy, and solicits scholarship contributions. The committee is accepting applications for 20XX  through 20XX school years.  Tentative deadline for appying is June 01, 20XX. Detail instruction/information will be forthcoming.

An eligible applicant must meet all of the following criteria:
a.) Be a descendant of the Rivers Family.
b.) Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment on at least a half-time basis, in a degree, certificate or other program leading to a recognized education credential at and accredited institution. (Must provide proof of enrollment or acceptance)
c.) If enrolled at an institution, must maintain satisfactory academic progress. (attach grade report)


a.) Applicants must submit in writing the reason they are 
     applying for the scholarship.

b.) Applicant will also be interview by the scholarship




a.) Type or print using blue or black ink. Do not use a pencil
     to fill out this form.

b.) Print clearly.
c.) You must provide all of the information and supporting
     documents requested.




                  Scholarship applications are due by June 1st, 20XX

To apply for the Rivers Scholarship, click on link below or cut and paste the below application in MS Word. Complete the application and submit to your regional coordinator.



Click Here for the Rivers Scholarship application.


              Scholarship Application



Rivers Family Reunion


Instructions: Please type or print using black ink


Section A – Must be completed by the applicant

Name:   _________________________________________________________________
             Last                             First                             Middle

Address: ________________________________________________________________


               City                                                  State                                                 Zip Code

                Telephone                                        Date of Birth


Name of Institution:___________________________(freshman, senior, etc.)__________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

               Street                                    City                              State                         Zip Code


High School: ____________________________________________________________ 

                      Name                                                                     Graduation Date


Address: ________________________________________________________________                                

                Steet                                    City                              State                         Zip Code


Email address: ___________________________________________________________


SAT or ACT Exam Date ______  Verbal Score_______ Math Score_______

Section B – Please check the following applicable:


I have been accepted by the college                      Date__________


I am waiting to hear about acceptance                  Date__________


I have complete at least year                                    Date__________


I am currently in my 1st, 2nd, 3rd or final year        Date__________


Describe special circumstances






Section C – To be complete by the parent/legal guardian of the dependent applicant:


Name __________________________________________________________________

Relationship to applicant____________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________
             Street                            City                              State                      Zip Code


Telephone Number Home (       ) __________________________

Parent’s/Legal Guardian Signature ____________________________ Date


 To see a list of companies and organizations that have donated money for scholarships for African Americans.

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